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At Brillante jewelers, when you need a piece of jewelry specially designed and crafted for you, we will put all our expertise and effort to satisfy your need. You will participate in all the stages of the crafting of your piece. From concept to finished jewelry, you get to approve every step.

Please bear in mind that custom designing and crafting a piece of jewelry is an involved, artsy, detailed and meticulous process. To have that special piece made, you are looking at a time frame of 4 to 6 weeks. So, if you need a wedding band custom made to match your engagement ring, allow enough time before the wedding for the process

To custom craft a piece of jewelry is more costly than to choose something from a showcase, which is produced in quantities, but you will have your one of a kind, made to your predilection, with your choice of quality of metal and stones.

On the flip side, if you see a designer piece in a fashion magazine that you "must have" we can make that piece very close
(without breaking any copyright laws) and at a fraction of the cost of a famous designer.
Custom design is great to bring old, out of style pieces of jewelry back to life. Using what you already have, we can turn that piece into an “eye popper” “head turner” jewel to enjoy for years to come…